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Live Life Lovingly

We lovingly invite you to visit our new website:  www.LiveLifeLovingly.org

The primary purpose of LLL LiveLifeLovingly.org is to contribute toward making our world a kinder, gentler, more compassionate place.  We are responsible for the upkeep of our Planet, the loving care of all of its inhabitants, to live in peace and harmony, and most of all, Live Life Lovingly. 

On LLL LiveLifeLovingly.org, you will find LLL Love Inspirations to uplift you and make your day brighter and smoother. These change daily, so bookmark this page and come back every day for a fresh Love Inspiration and charge you’re your whole being with uplifting Love energy.  Also, you'll find stimulating LLL Love Bytes, LLL Affirmations, LLL articles, and more.

A lot of love and care went into the creation of this new site.  Our intention was to make it uplifting, thought stimulating, user friendly, and to make a significant contribution toward causing you and everyone, around the world, to live healthier, more loving, peaceful and fulfilling lives.  Kindly write and tell us how we're doing.

USE the inspiration, uplifting ideas and love you find on LLL LiveLifeLovingly.org, and make your life happier and better.

Visit www.LiveLifeLovingly.org now and invite all your friends to visit, too. We welcome your comments. – Lovingly, Rev. John


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