Power Prayers for Prosperity

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How much Divine Substance can you make your own? The supply is inexhaustible; the only limit lies within yourself. The only limit is the limit of your capacity to receive. God provides everything in abundance, and so has provided abundance for you Emmet Fox

Would you like to have more prosperity? How about greater cash flow? Prosperity miracles? Would you like to have a powerful prosperity “tool” that will not only create more abundance for you, and help raise the prosperity consciousness of our planet at the same time?

Request the Golden Key Ministry Power Prayers for Prosperity. What is Power Prayer? It is focused prospering spiritual energy of the highest kind. Its purpose is to make of you a powerful radiating magnet, divinely irresistible to the wealth of the universe. Its primary intent is to substantially raise your prosperity consciousness, and produce desired prosperous results for you. You will realize how powerful our Power Prayers for Prosperity are when you receive them, and use them as instructed.

When we receive your request, we will send to you, our special Power Prayers for Prosperity, with instructions for use. Your name will be placed on our Power Prayers for Prosperity list. Then you become a focal point for magnified spiritual power; great prospering energy. It will break up blocks and impediments, dissolve limiting thoughts and beliefs, and surround, enfold, and permeate you as it literally magnetizes God’s rich abundance to you. Prosperity miracles will begin happening to you!

Send an e-mail to us now. Write: POWER PRAYERS in the subject line. Important: Include your FULL NAME and e-mail ADDRESS. This will assure getting this to you quickly. Our Power Prayers for Prosperity will be sent to you. Please mention GoldenKeyMinistry.com in your e-mail request. Lovingly, Rev. John.

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This is part of our ongoing effort to help people, all over the world, to prosper in all areas of life. Read the many prosperity, and other, articles on both of our websites: GoldenKeyMinistry.com and MoreProsperityforYou.com.