How to Have ‘Unexpected’ Income!

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by Rev. John Wolcott Adams

How to Have Unexpected Income By Rev John W. AdamsIntroduction

What this book will do for you.

A personal note from the author . . .

“This book is for prosperity-loving people and is the culmination of many years of sharing prospering ideas with readers of my newsletter. Thousands of people who have applied them in their daily lives continue to enjoy the financial and other rich good that comes to them through the teaching of these concepts. Because of their success, as well as my own, I know that you too, can reap exciting rewards by following the instructions in this book. Use the Prayer-Treatment for “unexpected” income and get ready for happy results!

The purpose of this book is to help you open your mind to accept and enjoy the exciting “extra” money and all of the rich blessings available to you through the practice of expecting “unexpected” income! Through the teachings presented here, you will learn of the vast possibilities for unlimited financial income, and how to raise your monetary supply to a more satisfying level.

This book is intended to help you expand your thinking and awareness of the unlimited good that is waiting for you. Thus you may claim and experience all of the happiness, good health, love, peace, and prosperity God intends for you. He wants you to enjoy it all now!

Unfortunately, many people do not give sufficient thought to being as prosperous as they could and have a right to be. While giving thought to being “religious” they often fail to see the connection between spirituality and prosperity; the two are divinely connected. Therefore, people deny themselves much of the joy and prosperity that are theirs by divine right.

A basic reason that more people do not enjoy more money and what it can provide is that they look only to one or two avenues (job, etc.) for their financial supply. By thinking in this limited way, they may also hold beliefs about themselves as being unworthy and therefore cannot expect to have much. Consequently, they believe that they need not give much time or energy to the obtaining of money.

Through their unenlightened thinking, they create a consciousness of limitation rather than one of personal abundance. They fail to look beyond the usual ways in which their good comes to them. Unexpected Income enables you to overcome limited thinking. It empowers you to free up the channels of your financial supply, at the same time expanding your reasoning in relation to the supply itself.

If you haven’t done so lately, begin now to ponder the vastness of universal supply – it is yours for the asking, claiming and accepting when you do the right things. Deliberately stretch your thinking out of the circumscribed and habitual thought-patterns that have created your present financial condition. Of course, your present financial condition may be pretty good; you may even be a millionaire! That’s great – but, you can always do better.

Determine that you will exercise your mind in such a way that will result in much larger images regarding the availability of universal substance which will prosper you.

Decide to lift your faith and use your imagination to perceive that which you want. Visualize the increased good actually manifesting for you. Accept that it is probably doing so right now without reservation or limitation. Since the only blocks to unlimited financial supply are n the individual’s thinking, by removing the self-imposed limits, you unlimit your financial supply, as well as all the other wonderful blessings possible for you.

Your belief system makes you rich or poor, or somewhere in between. To raise your level of prosperity, there must be an appropriate adjustment in your belief system.

Power Words for Prosperous Living by Rev. John AdamsAs you make the adjustment, not only do you receive happy financial “surprises”, you’ll have more confidence, and the struggle and striving for financial gain will fade away. In fact, you may become so excited about this efficient and pleasant way of increasing your financial supply, you’ll wish you had found it sooner!

Best of all, you will become a believer!

You will know, beyond a doubt, that you have a “Divine Connection”* with the Source of all wealth that never runs dry. Your prosperity dreams start coming true and you will enjoy ever-increasing prosperity in your daily life.

To learn more about your “Divine Connection”, refer to Rev. John’s book, ” Power Words For Prosperous Living.

How to Have “Unexpected” Income! is the result of many years of working with prosperous-thinking people, sharing with them the exciting “unexpected” income concept, and helping them to learn and apply the dynamic laws of prosperity so they too could create lives of true abundance.

My desire in sharing the “unexpected” income idea with my readers is for you to learn and use this practical and fun way to increase your financial income so you may experience more of the riches to which you are entitled. I want you to experience prosperous living at its finest!

Now, open your mind to “unexpected’ income and read this book in anticipation of the wonderful things that may be happening to you. As you read the accounts of “unexpected” income, you’ll be convinced of the efficacy of this practice. You will join the many thousands of people worldwide who are already increasing their financial wealth through learning How to Have “Unexpected” Income!

Do not be surprised if within a few days of reading this book (or perhaps while still reading it), some financial “surprises” come to you. Good things often begin to happen when you open your mind to “unexpected” income! Watch for them because they will surely come.

You will discover that this is a practical and empowering prosperity book in that it will enable you to raise your prosperity to a higher level – and have fun doing it!

The Universe wants you to have MORE! You deserve more of all that makes life happier, healthier, fulfilling and beautiful. Go ahead; claim and accept all of the rich good that is yours by divine right as the beloved child of a fabulously rich Universe. Go for it with all your heart!”

How to Have “Unexpected” Income!” –
Are you looking for a way to have more money, this very popular and practical book gives you
usable ideas which you can put to work now to increase your prosperity. It is the culmination of many years of
helping thousands of people to prosper through learning How To Have ‘Unexpected’ Income.
As it has worked for so many others, it will work for you. It will help you have many happy financial “surprises,” too!
A truly fun way to prosper!
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