Love and Prosperity

It is supremely important to love prosperity because of the powerful energy of Divine Love. It is just as important to put as much love into your efforts to prosper as you possibly can. When you do, you cause your prosperity to be energized in the highest and most positive way. By exercising Divine Love, you come from spiritual integrity and motivation. Love makes your prosperity real and lasting.

Here are some practical ways to spiritually boost your prosperity.

Love people. While your supply comes from the one Source, God, it is people through whom it manifests.

Love what you do. If your job or work is not the best, love it and that will prepare you for something you do love. If you still can’t love your present work, leave it.

Love God, the Source. Practice the Presence of God in all that you think, feel, say and do.

Love money. Money is made of the same substance/energy that you and everybody and everything are made from: Love.

Love to give and to receive. When you do, you give your best and God’s best is given to you, and more abundantly, too.

Love to be helpful. When you help others, it is love in expression and it always comes back to you in multiplied blessings.

Speak lovingly. This means to refrain from complaining, criticism and condemnation and to speak approvingly, upwardly and positively.

Live Life Lovingly. Do everything you can to be loving, kind, thoughtful, generous and harmonious. When you Live Life Lovingly, you positively contribute to the peace and prosperity of everyone on Mother Earth, and we all benefit. Thank you! – Lovingly, Rev. John

All is Love

Emma Curtis Hopkins wrote: “Everything is really full of love for you. The good that is for you loves you as much as you love it. The good that is for you seeks you and will come flying to you if you see that what you love is love itself. All people will change when you know that they are love. We shall change toward all people when we know that we ourselves are formed out of love. All is love. There is nothing in all the universe but love.”

Prosperity Power Affirmations

Divine Love is my prospering power.

Divine Love is prospering me in amazing ways now!

Read this Prospering Letter!

A Prosperity Miracle! - Just as we were about to lose our home because we had not been able to make the payments, we were given more than enough money to get caught up and to pay bills, too. I have found a new job I like very much, which pays me more money. My wife has received a promotion in her job, which gives her a nice pay increase. It’s like a miracle and we are so thankful, especially for your prayers. You said that things would work out and they did in a wonderful way. Thanks for teaching us about tithing. Here is our first tithe check. It feels good to do this because now we know that we can depend upon God to provide for us. God is our Prosperity Partner. Thank you and God bless you. – Michigan

Prosperity Bytes

You have all the love you need for healing, prosperity, and happy human relationships right within yourself. – Catherine Ponder

When money is circulating freely in your life, you are economically healthy. Look at money like the tide and you will always have plenty of it. The ebb and flow of the tide is constant. When the tide is out, you are absolutely sure that it will return. – Joseph Murphy

God’s law is the abundance of good and desirable things. He loves to give. It is His nature to give. It is God’s joy to give. – Margaret Pounders

It is your Father good pleasure to give you His treasure in marvelous measure!