Miracles Can Happen to You!

Are you ready for miracles? Would you like to have all your desires fulfilled in wonderful ways? How would you feel if some “unexpected” good came into your life, or perhaps, your financial income took a sudden leap upward, or you had other happy surprises? Whatever you need or desire, you can and should have them. You can experience miracles!

One of the important aspects of experiencing miracles is to have an attitude of expectancy. You usually get what you really expect, hold in mind, and mentally and physically prepare for. Of course you must desire your greater good with all your heart and couple your expectancy attitude with faith in God to provide for you.

This means that when you conceive of some particular good you really want, you should write it down on paper, and then expect it to come to come to you in divine order in God’s own good way at the right time. God is never late, always on time!

Another good thing to do is to unify your consciousness with God within. This means to know that God is not separate from you but always present within and around you. If you have been thinking or acting as though you are separate from God, correct that thought and action. Difficulties are caused by the belief in separation from God. Accept now that God is always present as the very substance of that which you desire.

Miracle thinking requires that you focus on positive, healing, prospering ideas. Know that this perfect Life-Force is always moving in and through your mind, body, life and affairs.

May is miracle month. Each day this month, refuse to allow yourself to dwell on lack. The way to have one miracle after another is to practice the presence of God. Open your mind to His miracle-working power of Divine Love. You have the authority, right now, to experience miracles. Determine that each day this month you will comply with the Laws of Attracting miracles to you.

– Lovingly, Rev. John

In The Mail

Reader is helped by book! – I just finished reading your wonderful book, Be What You Are: Love, and want to let you know how much I benefited from reading it. Thank you for the time, effort and love you invested in making this book possible. The love that it contains made me aware that my greatest problem was a lack of love for myself and others. That has all changed. Thank you! – R. G. – Texas 

Bytes of Wisdom …

Creating miracles in your life is no more complicated than understanding the metaphysics of Universal Law. Because that law is indestructible and therefore infinite, we know that the power used by miracle-workers in the past is still available today. – Stuart Wilde – Miracles

How about this miracle… God says if you plant the seed I will make the tree. Wow, you can’t have a better arrangement than that. First, it gives God the tough end of the deal. What if you had to make a tree? That would keep you up late at night trying to figure out how to make a tree. God says, “No, leave the miracle part to me. I’ve got the seed, the soil, the sunshine, the rain and the seasons. I’m God and all this miracles stuff is easy for me. I have reserved something very special for you and that is to plant the seed.” – Jim Rohn

To understand miracles, we have to look at two aspects of the Universal Law. First, there lies deep within all mankind an immense power, and second, the power is impartial and unemotional. – Stuart Wilde – Miracles

A Little Humor …

Many a man works hard to keep the wolf from the door. Then his daughter grows up and brings one right into the house.

“Dear Alice,” wrote the young man. “While I remember proposing to you last night, I forget whether you said, ‘Yes’ or ‘No.'”

“Dear Bob,” Alice replied, ‘so glad to hear from you. I knew I said ‘No’ to someone last night, but I had forgotten just who it was.”   

A Word of Thanks

I am deeply grateful for everyone who is part of Golden Key Ministry-Unity, for your prayer requests, financial support and your notes and letters of appreciation.  Thank You!  God Bless you!
– Lovingly, Rev. John