Prayer Requests

Prayer RequestsWe Welcome Your Prayer Requests

For over thirty-five years, Golden Key Ministry-Unity has been lovingly supporting people in positive, affirmative prayer, all over the world. We welcome confidential prayer requests for all good desires. Please give us your full name and e-mail address in the “Prayer Request” box below. We will respond and send to you a positive, affirmative prayer for you to use. Write today!

Please type “Prayer Request” in the Subject line of your e-mail.  E-mail:  or use this form:

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Whatever your need or desire, it is always more powerful and effective when other loving hearts partner with you in faith-filled positive prayer. Ask and we will keep with you in prayer for thirty days. Golden Key Ministry-Unity begins praying with you when you send your prayer request to us.

Kindly send to us a progress report, and/or ask us to continue supporting you in prayer.

We do not charge for prayer, however, we welcome, and are grateful for tithes and other financial contributions in appreciation and support of our prayer ministry.

Remember to include your “full name, complete address and zip code.” in the “Prayer Request” e-mail you send. Write today!