Rev. John’s Natural Cold/Flu Remedy

- Rev. John W. Adams –
When the weather turns colder, people often believe that this is their time to experience colds or flu. It is promulgated by the news media. The best thing is to not accept it as a given. When you eat, drink, and think right, you will be healthy and stay well.

Like a well-tuned and cared for car, your body is designed to run smoothly and perfectly and will when it is well-tuned and cared for. Sometimes, even with the best of care, our bodies may get out of harmony, and symptoms appear. I offer the following remedy to help restore your body to harmony and well-being.

This cold/flu remedy is very healing, and it works well as a preventative, too.

Hot Ginger Bath and Hot Ginger/Lemon Tea

  • Hot Ginger Bath: Fill a bath tub as full as possible with warm water. (Warmer than usual, but not too hot.) Add 3 heaping tablespoons of ground ginger as the tub is filling. (Optional) Add 1-2 ounces, Olbas Herbal Bath. (Found in health food stores.)
  • Hot Ginger/Lemon Tea: In a large cup or a mug, place 1 teaspoon ground ginger and juice from one lemon. Add boiling water. If you desire sweetener, add one teaspoon raw honey.
  • Soak in the ginger bath for 20-30 minutes. Ginger helps to draw toxins out of the body. Drink the Ginger Tea while soaking.
  • While soaking, listen to gentle, soothing music. As you soak, let this thought run through your mind, over and over: “I relax, let go, and let God. I relax, let go, and let God.” And/or, sing the song mentioned below.
  • After bathing, lie down on a large towel on your bed. Cover up with one or more blankets. Your body will perspire. Go to sleep. When you awaken, you will feel better.

Think, Eat, and Drink Right

I have found this remedy to work rather quickly. As a preventative, it will help to keep your body healthy, if you take a hot ginger bath occasionally, or when symptoms first appear. The best thing is to think, eat, and drink right.

Avoid white refined sugar and sugar substitutes. Raw honey is best. Eat lots of fresh fruits (organically grown are best) and drink plenty of water and natural juices. Avoid carbonated drinks, and heavy, hard-to-digest foods that clog and toxify the digestive system.

Have a good massage from a Certified Massage Therapist. Massage releases toxins from the body and puts the body back into balance and harmony. Chiropractic is healing, too.

As with all dis-eases, colds and flu are not natural to the body. They are the result of angry, condemning thoughts and feelings. Hasten healing, or prevent illness by thinking loving, forgiving thoughts about yourself and other people.

Forgive everything and everybody who needs to be forgiven by you, beginning with you. Love and appreciate your body. Tell it how wonderful it is, and thank your body for serving you so well. Practice the Presence of God in your body. This will prolong your life.

Use Positive Prayers such as: “Through God in me, my body is healthy and well.” “Divine Order is now established and maintained in my mind and body.” “Health and strength and healing power vibrate through me hour after hour.” (The latter may be sung to the tune of, “Hark the Herald Angels Sing.” Just repeat the words through the song.)

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Copyright © 2012 – John W. Adams. * Disclaimer – Rev. John is a metaphysician, not a medical doctor. This is offered for information only and not as medical advice. He has personally found this remedy to be effective. It is suggested as a healthy alternative for your well-being. Consult your professional health care Practitioner.